CSM Side Events at CFS 45!

25 September 2017, Rome, Italy - Miriam Nobre – World March of Women. Forum on Women’s Empowerment in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition, FAO Headquarters, (Red Room).

CSM Side events proposals for CFS 45 were approved!

Monday 15 of October 20178 13.00-14.30 Red Room

Building A Flr 1 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Celebrating the international day of rural women. From the field to the CFS and back. 

Experiences, demands and perspectives from rural women’s grassroots organizations

(CSM Working Group on Women). 

Tuesday 16 of October 2018  18.00-19.30 Lebanon Room

Building D Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Food systems and Nutrition guidelines: How can the CFS make a difference?

Perspectives and expectations of small-scale food producers, civil society and Indigenous Peoples. 

(CSM Working Group on Nutrition)

Wednesday 17 of October 2018 08.30-10.00 Philippines Room

Building C Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Defend the defenders. How effectively protect those who fight for the right to food? 

Supporting indigenous peoples and social movements in their struggle against hunger by protecting them against threats and criminalization. 


Wednesday 17 of October 2018 18.00-19.30 Iran Room

Building B Flr 1 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

The UN Decade for family farming. A historical opportunity to foster peasant’s rights. 

Connecting the UN Decade with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Peasants 

Thursday 18 of October 2017 08.30-10.00 Philippines Room 

Building C Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

The nexus between migration and the Right to Food: the case of migrant agricultural workers. 

Insights from worrisome realities calling for urgent and effective policy responses

(CSM WG on Monitoring)