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18/10/2012 15.38.00

Statement of social movements and other civil society organizations on the Global Strategic Framework of the Committee on World Food Security CFS

We welcome the adoption on October 17, 2012, of the first version of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition (GSF).

The GSF, as the overarching framework, will be the primary global reference for coordination and coherence in decision-making on food and agricultural issues. It is an important achievement of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). We as social movements and civil society organizations participated intensively in its elaboration.

The GSF constitutes a step forward in promoting a new model of governance on food, agriculture, and nutrition. This document is built upon the human rights approach, women’s rights and the recognition of the central role of smallholder farmers, agricultural and food workers, artisanal fisher folks, pastoralists, Indigenous Peoples, landless people, women and youth to food and nutrition security.

The GSF also recognizes that formal employment of rural workers and assurance of minimum living wages are key for food security and nutrition. The document mentions the potential of agroecology and provides important guidance on nutrition based on the Right to Food Guidelines. It also reaffirms the strong commitment of States to the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Lands, Fisheries and Forests, including through agrarian reform.

The GSF negotiations reached an important consensus on human rights-based monitoring and accountability, which implies that States, intergovernmental institutions and the private sector are held accountable for their actions and omissions regarding their obligations under international human rights law.

Several issues that are important to civil society are not addressed in the current version of the GSF in particular Food Sovereignty. We affirm our commitment to ensure that the new paradigm for food security policy will be based on food sovereignty.

We expect countries and all actors to fully support the implementation on the GFS on all levels. We will contribute to make use of this important tool for our initiatives and struggles at local, national and international level.  

As the GSF is a flexible and living document we call upon governments to maintain the spirit of the CFS reform, which commits us all to a participatory, inclusive and transparent process.

Yours sincerely,


Action Aid

AS-PTA (Agroecologia e agricultura familiar)


Asociación Nacional de Empresas Comercializadoras de Productores del Campo (ANEC)/Consejo Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas (CONOC)-México.

Association for Farmers Rights Defense, AFRD

Brazilian National Agroecological Network

Brot fuer die Welt

CCFD-Terre Solidaire




Compassion in World Farming


Development Fund (Norway)

Entraide & Fraternité

FairWatch Italy



Focus on the Global South


Friends of the Earth (FoEI)

Greenpeace International




Instituto Mayor Campesino-IMCA

International Food Security Network (IFSN)


l'ADD Médenine

La Via Campesina

Malta Organic Agriculture Movement

Manos Unidos


More and Better Network (international)

Oxfam International

PANAFRICAINE POUR L'EDUCATION AU DEVELOPPEMENT DURABLE/ Citoyenneté -Souveraineté Alimentaire Commerce équitable.


People's Coalition on Food Sovereignty'


Support for Agiculture and Environment (SWAGEN)

Terra Nuova

The Food Sovereignty Alliance of the United States and Food & Water Watch

USC Canada

UK Food Group



Women's International Legue for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)