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CSM Working Group on Monitoring

Coordinator 2017//2019:

Ramona Dominicioiu – LVC (Romania)

Coordinator 2015//2017:

Naseegh Jaffer – WFFP (South Africa)

Technical Facilitator:

2017//2019 Emily Mattheisen – FIAN

2015//2017 Sofía Monsalve – FIAN

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Chair of the CFS OEWG on Monitoring 2017//2019: Anna-Marie Moulton (South Africa)

2015//2017 Robert Sabiti (Uganda) 


The Committee for World Food Security (CFS) reform document defines the promotion of accountability, particularly through an innovative monitoring mechanism, as one of six key functions of the CFS.

The CSM working group has been contributing to the CFS Open Ended Working Group on Monitoring, for the past few years, trying to ensure that the CFS complies with its mandate as set out in the 2009 reform document regarding monitoring and accountability.

The innovative mechanism of monitoring which is in the making will have to take into account the unique role of the CFS as “the foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for a broad range of committed stakeholders to work together in a coordinated manner and in support of country-led processes towards the elimination of hunger and ensuring food security and nutrition for all human beings.” Therefore, as in policy dialogues, the CFS should take into account the diversity of monitoring approaches by different actors and should aim at bringing them into a conversation instead of trying to adopt one monitoring approach only.

Process 2017 – 2018


23 July 2018

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

Background documents for the agenda item:

15 June 2018

One-off meeting of the CFS OEWG on Monitoring

The meeting intended to oversee the organisation of the Global Thematic Event and discuss how to monitor the more specific policy recommendations.

Background documents:

23 March 2018

Joint workshop of the Friends of the Right to Food in Rome and the CSM

“Monitoring the Use and Application of the Right to Food Guidelines”. Input to the CFS Global Thematic Monitoring Event on the Right to Food Guidelines. From 9.00 to 13.00 h in the German Room, FAO HQ

Read the Outcomes of the Workshop that were submitted to the CFS as an input for the global thematic event that will monitor the Right to Food Guidelines in October 2018

November 2017

CSM Call to share your Right to Food Experiences!


Process 2016 – 2017

OEWG on Monitoring

OEWG on Monitoring
Read more

OEWG on Monitoring

OEWG on Monitoring
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13 October 2017

CFS 44th Plenary Session  

CSM Intervention: 

Intervention of Ramona Dominicioiu, La Via Campesina, Romania on behalf of the CSM Working Group on Monitoring

We have come a long way in the past few years in moving forward the development of the innovative monitoring mechanisms for the CFS, but this mechanism is new and we still have a lot of work to do.

Together, we are still learning how to improve and continue our monitoring work, create stronger accountability, and support the implementation of CFS policy outcomes. In the same time, it is a guarantee for the states, that the decisions and work done here, is deeply validated in reality. The work of the OEWG on monitoring is a fundamental component to the structure of CFS, and is the necessary space to reflect and build up the mechanisms, which is at the heart of the CFS reform process.

The Terms of Reference for monitoring, developed here at the CFS, have proven a successful methodology for organizing monitoring exercises. Positively, we saw this last year when France and Germany used them in national monitoring events of the Tenure Guidelines. The Terms of Reference create a format in which those most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition have a central role in the process. The ToR outlines how to create spaces and platforms that protect the participation of civil society in the monitoring process, and importantly provide needed support to ensure equitable access to policy space for those marginalized communities that do not have the same capacity to engage otherwise. Keep Reading…

9//13 October 2017

CFS 44 Plenary Session

Background document:  

20 July 2017

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

26 June 2017

Additional meeting of the OEWG on Monitoring

The objectives of the meeting are to conclude the discussions of the previous meetings and agree on the following: a) Draft decisions for Plenary; b) Proposal for monitoring the implementation of CFS main policy products and other CFS policy recommendations; c) Proposal for the preparation of the Global Thematic Event. 

Background documents:

31 May 2017

Additional meeting of the OEWG on Monitoring

The main objective of the meeting is to continue the discussions at the previous meeting on 18 May 2017 . As this meeting is short, the OEWG will start by concluding the discussion on the way forward for the OEWG on Monitoring. Two options are included in the Draft Decisions for Plenary, based on the proposals discussed during the meeting that were most likely to lead to consensus. These options currently include text on monitoring CFS other policy recommendations (in blue and italics), which still has to be discussed and agreed.

Background Documents:

18 May 2017 

Additional meeting of the OEWG on Monitoring

3 May 2017

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

6 April 2017

CFS OEWG on Monitoring

The main objectives of the meeting are to agree on: a) How CFS should continue monitoring the implementation of its policy outcomes, including the multiyear schedule for Global Thematic Events, and the steps for the preparation of the next Global Thematic Event at CFS 45 in October 2018; b) Draft decisions for CFS 44 Plenary.

CFS Background Documents: 


26 January 2017

CFS OEWG on Monitoring 

The Meeting will address the following issues: 1) Introduction to the work of the OEWG on monitoring in 2017; 2) How to continue monitoring the implementation of CFS products, drawing lessons from the VGGT Global Thematic Event at CFS 43? (for discussion); 3) Multiyear schedule for monitoring the implementation of CFS major policy products (for discussion); 4) Workplan of the OEWG on Monitoring – 2017 (for decision)

CFS Background Documents:

Extract from MYPoW 2016-2017 on Monitoring

  1. Following CFS 41 and the implementation of the CFS Effectiveness Opinion Survey in 2015, the OEWG on Monitoring will continue its work in 2016-2017. Countries are invited to volunteer to pilot the implementation of voluntary in-depth country level assessments of CFS effectiveness and discuss the results with the OEWG. Additionally, the OEWG on Monitoring will take into consideration the implementation of CFS workstreams as outlined in CFS MYPOWs in order to develop best practices for future monitoring activities.

Process 2015- 2016

October 2016

CFS 43 Plenary Session 17-21 October 

September 2016

The Synthesis Report on Civil Society experiences regarding the use and implementation of the Tenure Guidelines and the challenge of monitoring CFS decisions is now ready!

A Contribution of the Civil Society to the Global Thematic Event during the 43rd Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) and to developing an innovative mechanism for the monitoring  of CFS decisions and recommendations.

This synthesis report summarizes the results of a broad consultation among small-scale food producers and other civil society organizations (CSOs) around the globe on the use and implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (henceforth “the Guidelines”).

Read the Report here!

8 July 2016

Meeting of CFS Bureau and Advisory Group

Call to send inputs for the elaboration of an independent CSO report on the use and application of VGGT as input to the global thematic session during CFS 43!

3 May 2016

30th FAO Regional Conference for Europe, Antalya – Turkey

CFS Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on ” Sharing experiences and taking stock of the use and application of the VGGTs in Europe and Central Asia”. Read the Concept Note.

15 April 2016

Deadline to Submit inputs from CFS Stakeholders on VGGTs for the preparation of CFS 43 Global Thematic Event

17 March 2016

2nd Meeting of the OEWG on Monitoring

CFS Background documents:

Read the CSM proposals for the Terms of Reference

Read the CSM proposals for the Decision Box

3 February  2016

1st Meeting of the OEWG on Monitoring 

CFS Background documents:

19 January 2016

CSM Information Meeting on Monitoring