Filling these gaps to carry out a meaningful policy convergence process that meets the requirements of reducing currently manifested inequalities and going beyond a confirmation of the status quo is the declared aim of the CSIPM.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS) is currently undertaking a policy convergence process with the aim of developing the CFS Policy Recommendations on Reducing Inequalities for Food Security and Nutrition. According to the collective analysis carried out by the CSIPM Equity Working Group, which facilitates the participation of civil society and Indigenous Peoples in the CFS process, the Zero Draft of the policy recommendations is far from being an ambitious document that promotes an in-depth analysis of the systemic drivers of discrimination and power imbalances underlying inequalities in food security and nutrition in the world.

The CSIPM argues that the report of the High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE-FSN) “Reducing inequalities for food security and nutrition” contains substantial elements for this process, which have not been taken into account in the zero draft. In addition, the working group calls on the CFS Workstream to address in the policy recommendations document, among other issues:

  • The connection between power structures and inequalities
  • Gender inequalities
  • An intersectional perspective
  • A human rights perspective

In view of the global escalation of wars and armed conflicts, and the devastating use of hunger as a weapon of war, the Equity working group asked to add a recommendation on how to reduce inequalities in food security and nutrition building on the CFS Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises.

The process for the elaboration of the CFS Policy Recommendations will consist of two rounds of negotiations during the months of June and July 2024. It is expected that the CFS releases the draft for negotiations in English on 8 May, and its translations into the official UN languages by mid-May.

The policy recommendations document can only be useful if it reflects the lived realities of people in their communities and diverse contexts. If you are part of a civil society or Indigenous Peoples’ organisation working to achieve the right to food, join the CSIPM Equity Working Group.

Download and share the CSIPM Equity Working Group analysis



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