The Committee on World Food Security has published an Action Plan aimed at strengthening the uptake of CFS policy agreements. The Action Plan will be presented for consideration and endorsement at the upcoming CFS 52 in October 2024. 

The Action Plan is expected to be finalized in the following CFS Open-Ended Working Group meeting on 15 July 2024, from 14:00 – 17:00, which will take place in a hybrid modality.

The draft Action Plan has been worked out within the CFS Workstream entitled “In-depth debate on enhanced efforts to increase awareness, ownership, use and usefulness of CFS policy outcomes”, which is part of the CFS four-year agenda of work (MYPoW 2024-2027). 

The CSIPM priorities look forward to ensure that the Action Plan reflects the priorities of constituencies and countries most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition. As well as the importance of guaranteeing adequate conditions for civil society participation, ensuring ownership, and clarity on the roles of each relevant actor for implementing the policy outcomes, among others.

Read the CFS Action Plan to Strengthen the Uptake of CFS Policy Agreements. 

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Bringing Rome to Home

Hear from CSIPM constituencies examples of how they link the contents of the CFS policy agreements to their advocacy efforts at the national or local levels. 


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