The Advisory Group and Bureau meeting addressed topics related to the CFS 50th Plenary, the CFS 2022-2023 workplan, the CFS Foundations Informal Mechanism, an Advisory Group Reporting Exercise and workstream updates.

Read CSIPM contributions to the meeting

Read Bureau and Advisory Group Meeting Outcomes – With Bureau Decisions 

Background documents:

BurAg/2022/09/26/00 – Provisional Agenda

BurAG/2022/09/26/01 – CFS 50 Draft Decisions and Conclusions

BurAG/2022/09/26/02 – Planning for CFS 50

BurAG/2022/09/26/03 – CFS 2022-23 Workplans

BurAG/2022/03/18/02/Rev.1 – Advisory Group reporting exercise

BurAG/2022/09/26/06 – Workstream Updates


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