CFS High-Level Virtual Events 13-15 October 2020


Registrations to the CFS High-Level events of 13-15 October are closing on October 8th. 

In order to register please click here and follow the instructions. You will receive a confirmation email with the details to access the event. When putting the name of your organisation while registering please write:

Name of your organisation /CSM

Farmers work in the Banaue rice terraces, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terraces were declared a GE free zone, by the provincial government in 2009.

CFS High Level Events background documents

CFS Chair’s Summary 

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CFS Bureau decided to postpone the 47th CFS Plenary Session to 8-12 of February 2021. Nevertheless, it was agreed to make use of the dates originally booked for the plenary session to hold instead a three-days CFS high-level virtual events from 13 to 15 of October. Please find here the agenda of the virtual sessions.

These three days do not foresee any policy decision-making moment, but will foster the policy dialogue among CFS members and participants across key policy issues that have been on the agenda of the Committee of this year. Such issues include the findings of the latest HLPE Report “Food Security and nutrition: building a global narrative towards 2030”, which also contains relevant policy recommendations towards a possible CFS policy response to Covid and call for a radical transformation of current food systems, the findings of the SOFI Report 2020, as well as a debate on the current CFS policy negotiations of the Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition and Policy Recommendations on Agroecological and other innovative approaches, and their link and contribution to the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit.

On 15 of October, the CFS is also expected to honor, as it has done in past years, the UN International Day of Rural Women in its opening session by having the voice of a rural woman addressing the virtual event. As you can see ministerial presence is confirmed in the panel discussions throughout the three days, as well as CSM interventions.

As a result of these three days the CFS Chair will draft, in consultation with the CFS Bureau members, a Summary of the events. It is still not clear if this summary will also be included as part of the background documents that will inform CFS policy decisions in February.

Moreover, a limited number of partners’ events will be also taking place virtually during these three days, prior and after the main events. Find the timetable here. The CSM side event titled “Covid-19 impacts: a transgenerational and women’s viewpoint on food systems transformation” will be taking place on October 15, from 4.30 to 6.00 pm Rome time. In order to attend CFS partners’ event, including the one of CSM, please register in the hyperlinks you will find under each partners’ event information here.

CSM has been advocating in the framework of the Advisory Group and Bureau meetings to ensure that inclusivity, transparency and participatory methodologies would be the main guiding principles leading the debates and events, in line with CFS reform spirit.  Please find here CSM latest contribution on this topic delivered during the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting of 18 September.


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