This publication collects contributions and key messages of civil society as delivered during the 42nd Plenary Session of the Committee on Food Security (CFS), which took place at FAO Headquarters in Rome from the 12 to the 15 of October 2015.

The contributions to this publication are the outcome of a year of passionate and thorough work of the CSM policy working groups on the different workstreams of the CFS. Some outstanding decisions were adopted during this last CFS Plenary Session, such as the Framework for Action for Food Security and Nutrition in Protracted Crises and the Policy recommendations on Water and Food Security and Nutrition, while other topics are about to become standing issues within the CFS in the years to come, such as Nutrition.

The elaboration of the civil society contributions to the annual CFS meeting departs from the intense work of the CSM Policy Working Groups during the inter-sessional period and passes finally through the CSM Forum that took place on 10 and 11 of October 2015, where these civil society positions and key messages were consolidated.

This recollection aims to be a tool for sharing information among civil society organizations and with other CFS actors and underlines the commitment of social movements and civil society organizations to the CFS and to progressively achieve the full realization of the human right to adequate food for all.

November 2015

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