Based on a proposal by the Indigenous Peoples’ constituency shared with the Coordination Committee in October 2017, a deliberation process started within the space if the name should be changed from “Civil Society Mechanism” to “Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism”. 

After some reflections, and members of the Coordination Committee (CC) going back for consultation with their organizations and constituencies, the CC adopted by consensus the name change in October 2018. It was part of the agreement at that time that the known acronym CSM would continue to be used. 

At the last CC meeting on 14 December 2021, colleagues from the Indigenous Peoples’ constituency raised the issue that the full name and acronym of the Mechanism should be consistent so that also the abbreviation reflects that Indigenous Peoples are part of the name of the Mechanism. Therefore, it was agreed to discuss a proposal in this direction in the CC meetings in 2022. 

As a consequence of these internal and collaborative reflections, the current acronym has been changed: 

  • In English from CSM to CSIPM (Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism)
  • In Spanish from MSC to MSCPI (Mecanismo de la Sociedad Civil y Pueblos Indigenas) 
  • In French from MSC to MSCPA (Mécanisme de la Société Civile et des Peuples Autochtones)

We encourage our Delegates, as well as all the public to use our new acronym within and outside the CFS context. 


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