Today, data collection and analysis through digital technologies is being integrated into all aspects of food system activity with the ostensible goal of “optimizing” food systems to make them sustainable and efficient while ignoring the negative social and environmental impacts.

On January 12 was held the first meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group of the CFS Data Workstream. On behalf of the CSIPM Data Working Group, Patti Naylor presented four themes that are key to be taken into account for the zero draft of the policy recommendations, in order to address the impact of data-driven and digital tools on food security and nutrition.

    1. Governance: Establishing inclusive data governance for enhanced data agency.
    2. Assessment: Assessing data-driven technologies in the food system (an essential missing element).
    3. Justice and equity: Strengthening and aligning data collection infrastructures on a fair,  open, and appropriate basis. 
    4. Capacity building: Improving capacity building, human capacities, and participation in data assessment, data governance, and collection. 
Read the full statement delivered by Patti Naylor

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