This vision statement has been drafted by the CSIPM Data working group, with the participation of individuals and organizations from different regions and constituencies who work around the digitalization of the food systems or cope with its impacts and who experience both the benefits and the risks of digital technologies. This document is a work in progress. We encourage additional insights into this vision. 

As explained in the preamble, this is an emerging conversation, and there is a greater need for social movements that bring their political understandings and lived experiences. This document intends to be a roadmap for more in-depth discussions, collaborations, and research; a collective work in progress. And it is also an invitation for governments to open up a dialogue.

So long as data collection, transmission, storage, interpretation, and use for food security and nutrition remains a proprietary effort led by multinational corporations, it will remain a dangerously biased knowledge source with deeply unequal benefits. 

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