CSM Annual Report 2016//2017

The period 2016/2017 was a quite intense year for the CSM. This Annual Report gives an overview on the CSM engagement with all CFS Policy Processes and provides a political analysis of key debates in this period. The report also comprises a summary of Coordination Committee (CC) activities, the nancial report and an outlook for 2018. In October 2017, the CSM CC and the CSM Forum considered and discussed a draft version of this Annual Report which was then revised and updated, and is now shared publicly with the participating organiza- tions of the CSM and all interested members and participants to the CFS.

The report demonstrates that the CSM is a dynamic and always evolving space where global, continental and national organisations of social movements, civil society and indigenous peoples commit to jointly contribute to the realization of CFS’s vision to strive for a world without hunger and to advance the progressive realization of the right to adequate food.

The CSM is an essential and autonomous part of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). The report shows how participating organizations to the CSM put into practice the mandate of this Mechanism: facilitating the participation and e ective contributions of all its constituencies – Smallholder and Family Farmers, Fisherfolks, Pastoralists, Indigenous Peoples, Food and Agricultural Workers, Landless, Women, Youth, Consumers, Urban Food Insecure, and NGOs – to the deliberations of the CFS.

The new CSM Coordination Committee elected for October 2017- October 2019 took over from the previous CC before this year’s CFS Plenary. We would like to express again the collective and deep gratitude to the out- going CC members for their extraordinary commitment, energy and contributions in facilitating and guiding the Mechanism during the past two years!

We were very sad when we heard that our dear friend and CC member Kuria Gathuru passed away on No- vember 15, 2017. Over the past three years, Kuria had been an integral part of our CSM family, serving as a co-facilitator of the global constituency of the Urban Food Insecure to the CSM CC and Co-Coordinator of the Urbanization and Rural Transformation Working Group. We always deeply appreciated Kuria and his way of being with all of us, enriching our space and work with his wonderful personality, knowledge and commitment. We are very grateful for the time and wisdom he dedicated to the CSM, bringing in a perspective and expertise from working with communities around Nairobi that were so special and at the heart of the work we do. We will always remember his kind smile, his unique laugh, and his warm heart.

Martin Wolpold-Bosien

CSM Secretariat Coordinator December 2017

Download the CSM Annual Report here


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