Call for videos:

let’s make our voices heard!

Between 12 and 16 October, let’s join forces and be heard! As part of CSM’s communication strategy we are inviting you to share your voice, perspectives, experiences, personal or collective stories and testimonies through videos.
Videos are powerful vehicles of information and emotions. They allow the undeniable hard evidence coming from the ground to be seen and heard. They spread and amplify our voices beyond Zoom calls and PDF reports.
These are extraordinary times for our struggles and debates. Due to the pandemic and the physical disconnection it has forced upon us, we are heavily dependent on internet and digital technology to share and exchange messages. We want to keep building our narrative for just and sustainable food systems, but censure, cooptation of our terminology and other forms of control of the peoples’ narrative make it increasingly difficult.
Please take a smartphone or a camera and record yourself and/or others in your community/organisation, between 30 seconds and 1 minute in a well-lit and still environment (see below further technical recommendations).


Here are some suggestions on what to convey:
You can answer open questions such as:
  • Why is there nothing to celebrate on 16 of October (World Food Day)?
  • Why is it important that policy processes include the peoples’ demands for food sovereignty and/or firm and binding action against transnational corporations?
  • What are the consequences of neoliberal, market-driven policies on rural people, food systems and biodiversity?
  • What role do you expect from the CFS
  • Why do we need a global policy response to Covid-19?
  • Why do you think the motto of ‘nothing about us, without us’ is important?
  • Why is Youth a fundamental actor within food systems?
  • Why is fundamental to recognise women’s voices next 15 of October marking international day of rural women?
Or you can share your own view regarding the key messages of one (or more!) of the CSM’s upcoming publications:
  • Call to action on the Food Systems Summit
  • Global synthesis report on COVID-19
  • COVID-19 report from the women’s WG
  • COVID-19 declaration from the youth WG
  • You can share a message specifically for the 10th anniversary of the CSM, which will be celebrated on the 12th of October. Thoughts about the past, present and, especially, future of the organisation are welcome. What does the CSM mean for you? How has it had an impact on you/your community/your organisation?

 How and when:


  • Submission deadline: 11 October.
  • Languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Maximum length: One minute
  • Minimum video quality: 720p
  • We strongly recommend 16:9 ratio (landscape mode)

Technical guidelines:


  • Take care of audio quality by avoiding background noises and using a microphone if possible.
  • The person who records should stand approximately 2 meters away from the subject speaking.
  • Ideally, record the video outside. In your background, you may want to show good agroecological practices showing agricultural biodiversity, soil health, animal health, recycling and input reduction, etc.
  • The author of the video must hold the copyright for all materials used, such as music, video, sounds and images, and have explicit written permission  from the person or people who appear in the video to be video-recorded and the video to be freely disseminated. An ‘OK’ via email or message is also fine.
  • Hold the phone or camera in landscape mode, not portrait.



Please send us the files via WeTransfer to marion.girard.cisneros[at] or upload them here:

Please send us the names of the person or people recorded, the organisations they represent, and any other information you think might be useful. These videos will be shared mainly on social media, therefore any background information will be helpful to us in writing the text that accompanies the video.
To follow and watch the stream of videos that will be published between 12 and 16 October, please follow CSM on Twitter!
We look forward to your videos! In case you have questions, please reach out to marion.girard.cisneros[at]

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