CSM side event on Extractivism and Women’s right to food

CSM side event @CFS 46

The impact of extractivism on women’s right to food and the struggle for a just transition

Addressing root causes of violence against women and the way ahead for concrete solutions towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda

17 October 2019

08.30 – 10.00 Iran room




  • Samantha Hargreaves – WoMin (South Africa)
  • Chaturika Sewwandi – National Federation of Women of Vikalpani (Sri Lanka)
  • Laura Hurtado – National Director of ActionAid Guatemala (Guatemala), connected by telephone from Geneva
  • Dercy Teles de Carvalho Cunha – President of the Rural Workers’ Union of Xapuri Municipality and President of the Small Farmers’ Association 11 June, Amazonia, Brazil


Azra Sayeed – International Women’s Alliance (Pakistan)

The side event aims to explore the different aspects of extractive industries (from monoculture plantations to mining) and intends to make a linkage on how the environment and health impacts of this production are directly affecting women’s right to food and their empowerment. The event also wants to highlight what role that the CFS can play looking towards the upcoming CFS workstream on gender equality and women’s empowerment, to ensure a just transition towards the achievement of Agenda 2030. Moreover, we will also address how violence against women is strictly linked to women’s food insecurity and malnutrition and, often, how violence worsened when women live in areas where extractives projects are taking place.

Interpretation available in EN/ES/FR

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