CSM Side events proposals for CFS 43 were approved!

Tuesday 18 of October 2016 18.00-19.30 Red Room

Building A Flr 1 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Contributing to the CFS Monitoring Mechanism. Experiences with the use of the VGGT, and the challenge for monitoring other CFS decisions (CSM Working Group on Monitoring) Download the Flyer!


  • Serge Tomasi – Ambassador of France
  • Sofia Monsalve – FIAN
  • Heather Elaydi – The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
  • Marcela Villarreal – FAO
  • Rosana Miranda – Special Department of Family Farming and Agrarian Development, Brazil

Wednesday 19 of October 2016  13.00-14.30 Lebanon Room

Building C Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Livestock, Livelihoods and Food Security: Civil society responses to pressing equity, ecological and public health crises. Dialogue on agroecological proposals by peasant and agro-silvo-pastoral communities and other civil society’s perspectives on how to address multiple, complex and intertwined challenges (CSM Working Group on Sustainable Agricultural Development including the role of livestock) Download the Flyer!


  • Maria Teresa Alvarez, World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous People (WAMIP)
  • Papis Bakary Colis, La Via Campesina (LVC)
  • Dirk Jan Verdonk, World Animal Protection
  • Dennis Olson, IUF/UFCW

With the participation of:

  • Amb. Yaya Olaniran, Permanent Representative of Nigeria to FAO, IFAD and WFP
  • Damien Kelly, Permanent Mission of Ireland to FAO, IFAD and WFP
  • Bettina Prato, IFAD

Moderator: Stefano Prato, Society for International Development (SID)

Thursday 20 of October 2016 8.30-10.00 Philippines Room

Building C Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Contributing to the future priorities of the CFS. Dialogue on common pathways to address Agroecology and Genetic Resources (CSM Participating organisations) Download the Flyer!

Introduction of the panel and moderation:

Carl Hutchby – International Indian Treaty Council (IITC)

Civil Society Proposals:

  • Antonio Gonzalez – Movimiento Agroecológico de Latino America y el Caribe (MAELA)
  • Chantal Jacovetti – La Via Campesina (LVC)

Comments  by:

  • Dr. Gunnvor Berge – Responsible for CFS at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway
  • Larissa Maria Lima Costa – Alternate Permanent Representative of Brazil to FAO, WFO and IFAD
  • Jimena Gómez – AGP FAO

Thursday 20 of October 2016 18.00-19.30 Iraq Room 

Building A/B Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Conflicts of Interest in Food security and Nutrition Policies: Which way forward for the CFS? Background and policy options to respect, protect and fulfil human rights and safeguard public policy spaces on food security and nutrition against undue influence (CSM Working Group on Nutrition) Download the Flyer!


  • Jonathan H. Marks, Associate Professor of Bioethics, Humanities and Law, Penn State University
  • Patti Rundall, International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN)

With the participation of:

  • Mafizur Rahman, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to FAO, IFAD and WFP
  • Hala Boukerdenna, World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • Robynne Anderson, Private Sector Mechanism of the CFS
  • Marisa Macari, El Poder del Consumidor


  • Laura Michéle, FIAN
  • Stefano Prato, Society for International Development (SID)

Friday 21 of October 2016 8.30-10.00 Philippines Room

Building C Flr 2 (Languages: EN/ES/FR)

Territorial Approaches for Food Security and Nutrition and Problematizing Transition. Discussions and strategies towards territorial food systems planning, markets and governance (CSM Working Group on Urbanisation and Rural transformation and CSM Working Group on Connecting Smallholders to Markets) Download the Flyer!


  • Nadjirou Sall – Réseau des organisations Paysannes et de Producteurs de l’Afrique de l’Ouest (ROPPA)
  • Florence Tartanac – FAO
  • Serge Tomasi – Ambassador of France
  • Elene Shatberashvili – La Via Campesina (LVC)

Moderator: Molly Anderson – Middlebury College



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