CSM Welcome Kit: Useful Tips on the Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) for Relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS)


Understanding the role and structure of the CFS is no easy task! It results that understanding what the CSM is and does, proves to be quite complex too.


This welcome kit wants to be an accessible tool to start navigating these complex spaces. It can be useful for those who approach the CSM and CFS for the first time, but they can also be a useful set of tips to get back to for more experienced participants.


Please DOWNLOAD THE KIT HERE and share it widely among your constituencies and sub-regions so that the CSM and the CFS may become less abstract spaces for those who carry out the struggle at the local level.


Do you want to know more?

Check out the CSM page for a more detailed explanation and download the the power point presentation of the CSM




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