The CFS zero draft for Policy Recommendations on Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Agriculture and Food Systems, released in February 2022, is a good start, but falls short to offer recommendations that will achieve the transformations that youth desperately need. 

CSM Youth comments on the zero draft of CFS Policy Recommendations are firmly grounded in the empirical evidence detailed in the HLPE’s report “Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems” and seek to achieve radical transformation through, building economies of well-being, realizing food sovereignty and promoting youth agency, supporting agroecology and climate justice, and centering human rights and responsible governance. 

Youth are the future of our food systems and their engagement in food systems is of the upmost importance.  To ensure this engagement, a paradigm shift is urgently needed to address the compounding social, political, economic, health, and ecological crises of today. 

Download CSM Youth Working Group comments

Furthermore, CFS Youth Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) was held on 14 March 2022 with active participation from CSM Youth delegates. 

Watch their interventions!

Read the CSIPM Youth written interventions

At the OEWG Sefu Sanni from the World March of Women and the CSIPM Youth Working Group read a statement on the Ukraine war on behalf of the working group. The written intervention is available here

You can also read Chair’s summary of the CFS OEWG which is available here. 


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