21 and 22 October 2023. in Rome, Italy. Details about the venue will be communicated to the registered participants in October.  

Deadline for registration: 13 October  

Every year, the CSIPM organizes its Annual Forum ahead of the CFS Plenary Session, welcoming all interested participants from civil society and Indigenous People’s organizations. This two-day event serves as a critical juncture and platform for the CSIPM. Participants get the opportunity to discuss, solidify, put forth, and finalize their political positions, which are then articulated during the CFS Plenary Session. The CSIPM forum is also a space to assess past processes, consolidate common positions for the present, and identify key challenges and steps forward for the future.

Prior to the Annual Forum, the CSIPM Coordination Committee conducts its yearly meeting. The Forum also functions as a platform for accountability, where CC members share updates on their work, achievements, and undertakings with all participating CSOs.

The Draft Agenda and background document of the CSIPM Forum will be posted on the CSIPM website in October. Please check this website to find out more information. 

Register by filling in this form https://forms.gle/Z3kSypsTdsvMTvhMA


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