CSM Annual Report 2014/2015

This Annual Report documents the work of the CSM during the period August 2014 to August 2015, and aims to be an essential tool for the internal and external communication and accountability process. The Report 2014-2015 consists of the following parts: Summary of CSM engagement with the CFS (2014-2015) Civil Society Contributions to, and Assessment of CFS 41 (2014) Operational information on the CSM during the reporting period Civil Society Contributions to CFS Processes in 2015 (towards CFS 42 In October 2015, the CSM Coordination Committee (CC) elected for 2013-2015 handed over the steering responsibility of the space to the new CC, elected for the period 2015-2017. This report shows the substantial collective work carried out by a huge number of extremely diverse civil society organizations that aim to articulate joint positions towards all complex policy processes in the CFS. The outgoing CC has shown extraordinary commitment and strong leadership to guide the CSM and all its entities in a permanently changing environment. The work of the CC has been greatly appreciated by participating organizations, but also by CFS members and other CFS participants. This is the moment to express the collective gratitude for the energy, lifetime and wisdom they have put into the CSM processes! Thank you! READ THE CSM ANNUAL REPORT 2014/2015

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