Organised by Canada, OHCHR, UN Women, CSIPM, and PSM

Recognizing the impact of multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination on the enjoyment of key human rights, such as the right to food, is an essential pre-condition to designing effective gender-transformative policy measures that simultaneously advance gender equality and enhance food security and nutrition. 

However, the CFS negotiations on the Voluntary Guidelines on Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls’ Empowerment (GEWGE) have shown that there is still work to do for the CFS to fully consider the different dimensions of gender equality, including the recognition of diversities of women and girls, in order to achieve truly inclusive policy outcomes so that all persons, with no exception, can live free of discrimination, hunger, malnutrition, and violence which hampers their right to food.

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Date and time: Tuesday 11 October | 13:30 – 14:45 hrs CEST

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