The CSIPM Youth Working Group has been actively participating in the CFS Policy Recommendations on Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Agriculture and Food Systems process, bringing among other topics a focus on human rights, based on existing instruments such as UNDROP and UNDRIP, and Agroecology as a real alternative for youth and the planet.

During the public briefing held on 21 June, youth voices from peasant organizations, Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, Women organizations, and other CSIPM constituencies in different territories, shared their perspectives, concerns, and priorities regarding the sections that integrate the  CFS Policy Recommendations, which will be discussed during the second and final round of negotiations from July 4 to 6. 

Now is the time to transform food systems!

Public briefing moderated by Julia Spanier, from the CSIPM Youth Working Group


  • Tyler Short, La Via Campesina | Rationale 
  • Sefu Sanni, World March of Women | Recommendation 1 “Provide an enabling environment for youth engagement and employment in agriculture and food systems.“
  • Stefania Tripodi, OHCHR | The role of Human Rights in the Policy Recommendations. 
  • Paula Gioia, Women and Gender Diversities Working Group: The links between both policy processes. 
  • Krishnakar Kummari, MIJARC | Recommendation 2 “Secure dignified and rewarding livelihoods.”
  • Emma Siliprandi, FAO Agriculture officer | The role of agroecology in the Policy Recommendations. 
  • Moïse Mbimbe, Action for Community Development | Recommendation 3 “Increase equitable access of youth to resources, infrastructure and markets.”
  • Carson Kiburo, Global Forum of Indigenous Peoples on Food Sovereignty  | Recommendation 4 “Enhance equitable access to knowledge, educations and skills of youth”
  • Flavia Fatuzzo, SID | Recommendation 5 “Foster sustainable and inclusive innovations” 



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