This report represents the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSIPM) contribution to the monitoring of the CFS policy recommendations on food price volatility and on social protection that was discussed at the CFS 51 Plenary Session in October 2023. The report looks at food price volatility and social protection in today’s context, after food prices have skyrocketed for the third time in fifteen years and social protection measures are not adequately enacted, and sheds light on the structural causes of the instability of the global food system as it is now.

The report draws on the popular consultations that the CSIPM conducted in 2020 and 2022 to gather evidence from all regions and constituencies on grassroots impacts of COVID-19, conflicts, and crises on the right to food and food sovereignty. Consultations have directly and indirectly involved hundreds of organisations. The findings are elaborated into the 2020 report Voices from the Ground: From COVID-19 to Radical Transformation of Food Systems, and the 2022 report Voices from the ground 2: transformative solutions to the global systemic food crises. Both constitute a major source for the development of this report in conjunction with other reports, research and articles from civil society organizations, media and academics.

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