New food systems, grounded in food sovereignty, economies of well-being, climate justice, and human rights are possible – but a lot of work and political will is necessary to realize them.  In this panel, youth from around the world will present visions for the future of food systems and assess the CFS’s Promoting Youth Engagement and Employment in Agriculture and Food Systems policy product and its possibility to contribute to realizing this future.  

Topics covered will include: 

  1. The need for land and power redistribution
  2. Creating enabling environments for agroecology and diversified food production
  3. Shortening supply chains and supporting local and territorial markets. 
  4. Climate justice
  5. Restitution and reparations to historically marginalized peoples, including Indigenous Peoples
  6. Confronting narratives of digitalization and entrepreneurship
  7. Ensuring dignified livelihoods for all youth
  8. Realizing the human rights of youth, in all their diversities. 

Date and time: Wednesday 12 October | 8:30 to 9:45 am CEST (Rome time)

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