The Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSIPM) for relations with the United Nations Committee on World Food Security (CFS) launched the People’s Consultation, open until the end of July 2022, to gather information on the impacts of COVID-19, as experienced by people and communities in the different territories. As well as the impacts of violence, wars, and protracted crises, which are structural causes of hunger and malnutrition and are present in different parts of the world. 

The consultation also seeks to create knowledge on actions taken by States to address these situations, and what demands from the ground should be addressed to build a coordinated global response from the UN Committee on World Food Security.

It consists of two core activities, an online questionnaire and a series of online regional consultations (which took place between the spring and summer of 2022). The results will be published in a new report in September 2022. 

Participating in these consultations is more relevant than ever! 

In 2020 it became clear that COVID -19 was exacerbating the existing inequalities and injustices in our societies, rooted in the neoliberal economic system and corporate-dominated food system. Two years on, the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and its impacts are still deeply felt and will continue to worsen structural inequalities over the longer term. 

Furthermore, conflicts, violence, wars, and protracted crises are present in several parts of the world and are structural causes of hunger and malnutrition. The war in Ukraine, for example, is causing additional stresses on the already fragile global supply chains, adding yet another layer of risk to the existing structural vulnerabilities and injustices of our currently dominant industrial food systems. Escalating food prices is another example of the deeply troubling sign of this failure, which is undermining the right to adequate food of ever-increasing numbers of people.  As a consequence of the above, we live in a situation of longstanding multiple crises with a failed global food system.

These new shocks further underline the need for deep change towards more resilient, sustainable, and equitable forms of food provisioning based on principles of justice and emphasizing food sovereignty, and this consultation will build our own collective understanding, support advocacy by local and national groups, and inform discussions among governments and multilateral agencies on global policy coordination at the CFS for responding to the food crises.

Share your stories and experiences in defense of our right to food!

Fill in the online questionnaire

Voices from the Ground campaign

The campaign seeks create awareness on the importance to advocate for a coordinated global response at CFS to address the current layers of the food crises, as well as to motivate people to participate in the CSIPM People’s Consultation.

If you wish to support the dissemination efforts and join the voices claiming for a real transformation, you can download the communications toolkit here and join us in social media using the hashtag #VoicesFromTheGround.


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