The CSM members of the CFS Advisory Group (AG) are elected by and within the CSM Coordination Committee every two years during the Annual Coordination Committee meeting and endorsed in the annual CSM Forum prior to the CFS Plenary. The CSM Advisory Group members perform two main important tasks:

  • advise the CFS Bureau on its policy decision-making processes by consolidating, facilitating communication and sharing the common positions of civil society organisations on CFS policy issues. By doing so, they help the CFS Bureau advancing the Committee’s objective and policy processes during the CFS intersessional period that goes from one Plenary to another;
  • inform and report back to the CSM Coordination Committee and CSM Policy Working Groups about CFS policy debates, outcomes and decisions taken by the CFS Bureau.

CSM AG members commit to undertake their role objectively on behalf of all civil society organizations, constituencies and sub-regions following CSM’s key principles of facilitation.

Their two-year mandate can be renovated only once for two more years. When the Coordination Committee elects the AG, at least 75% of the members should be from social movements and priority should be given to constituencies representing small food producers. Although only four CSM AG members can participate in each CFS Bureau and Advisory Group meeting, the CSM Coordination Committee can decide to elect more than four members to share the responsibility and rotate participation in the meetings.

In addition to the roles and responsibilities described above, the CSM AG members play roles related to the internal functioning of the CSM, as described in the Terms of Reference of the group.


CSM Advisory Group


  • Azra Sayeed – International Women’s Alliance (IWA), Pakistan
  • Elmira Mambetova – IUF, Kyrgyzstan
  • Mosa F. Sowe – ROPPA, Gambia
  • Ruth Gaha-Morris, AFSA, Australia
  • Alberto Broch – COPROFAM, Brazil
  • Emeline Siale Ilolahia, PIANGO, Fiji
  • Saul Vicente Vázquez – International Indian Treaty Council (IITC), Mexico
  • Nettie Wiebe – La Via Campesina, Canada
  • Christiana Louwa – World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP), Kenya
  • Ramona Dominicioiu – La Via Campesina, Romania
  • André Luzzi – Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC), Brazil
  • Khalid Khawaldeh – World Alliance of Mobile and Indigenous Pastoralists (WAMIP), Jordan

CFS Advisory and Bureau meetings in 2021


28 June 2021 | 08:30 – 10:30

20 May 2021 | 14:00 – 17:00

06 Apr 2021 | 09:30 – 12:30

04 Mar 2021 | 09:30 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 15:30

11 Jan 2021 | 14:00 – 17:00

More Information


Updates and Events

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