CFS Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPoW)

The MYPoW gives direction on which topics should be addressed by the Committee on World Food Security, the activities to be undertaken, and the expected outcomes. It also requests the High-Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) to provide scientific and knowledge-based reports on specific issues from the food security and nutrition perspective. It also considers the financial implications of the proposed work.

The MYPoW 2024-2027 was endorsed during the CFS 51 Plenary in October 2023. The CSIPM Advisory Group  led the Mechanism’s active participation. 


CFS MYPoW 2024-2027  

 The 50th CFS Plenary Session, held in 2022, marked the kick-off of one of the most relevant policy processes in 2023: the strategic orientation of the CFS’ programme of work for the period 2024 to 2027. More specifically, the Committee “recommended that the CFS Bureau, in collaboration with the Advisory Group, and with the support and participation of interested CFS stakeholders, prepare a draft CFS Multi-Year Plan of Work (MYPoW) 2024-2027 to be submitted for consideration and endorsement at CFS 51.”

 The MYPoW will inform decisions by the CFS on priority activities to fulfill its vision of a world free from hunger, exercising its roles as defined in the CFS 2009 Reform Document and delivering on its three strategic objectives (Platform, Policy, Uptake) to help address the current global food security and nutrition challenges:

  • Platform: Leveraging the convening power of CFS as the foremost inclusive international and intergovernmental platform to discuss food security and nutrition and coordinate collective action at all levels. Connection.
  • Policy: Developing voluntary globally agreed policy guidance for policy convergence and coherence to achieve food security, nutrition and promote the progressive realization of the right to adequate food. Coherence.
  • Uptake: Fostering the uptake, follow-up, review and sharing of experiences and best practices on the use and application of the policy guidance globally agreed at the CFS. Impact.

 The CSIPM has been engaged in the definition of the MYPoW since the inception of the process in 2022. In 2023, the CSIPM has participated in the different meetings convened by the CFS chair and has submitted its proposals and comments as outlined below:

Relevant links

Facilitator of the MYPoW Process 2018-2019: Ambassador Mario Arvelo (CFS Chair)

Chair of the CFS OEWG on MYPoW 2016-2017: Dr Md Mafizur Rahman (Bangladesh)

bakground-green-2466735_1920October 2019

CFS 46th Plenary Session 

The CFS 46th Plenary Session adopted the upcoming four-year Multi-Year Programme of Work (MYPoW)  2020-2023 on 17 October 2019. There is still no clarity about the sequence of the last two work streams on Inequalities and data. CSM urged the CFS Plenary to prioritised the Inequalities workstream as a meaningful contribution to the realisation of the CFS vision and the Agenda 2030. Please find here CFS  46th Final Report and here CSM Plenary Statement during the MYPoW debate.



22 July 2019

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

The morning meeting was an open meeting where all CFS stakeholders were invited to a final round of feedbacks on the second draft of the MYPoW, together with the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau. Find here CSM Contributions to the meeting and below the CFS background documents the informed the discussion:


flowerseller194211 June 2019

Revised version of the First MYPoW and next steps

On 11 June the CFS Secretariat shared a revised version of the first draft of MYPoW, including the revised proposal on Inequalities drafted by FAO and IFAD and a revised version of the data collection and analysis proposal drafted by the original proponents (USA and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) with FAO. The process ahead is scheduled as follows:

  • Written comments on this revised version of the first draft of MYPoW are expected to be submitted by 5  July 2019
  • By 12 July the Secretariat will circulate a Second Draft MYPoW to be discussed at the 22 and 25 July meetings.
  • On 22 July the morning session of the joint Bureau and Advisory Group meeting will be open-ended and focused specifically on those items that did not benefit from an inclusive discussion during the First and Second MYPoW Open meetings.
  • On 25 July the Bureau is expected to arrive at a final decision on the 2020-2023 MYPoW document to be submitted to the CFS46 Plenary.


140420212607-14-stunning-nature---barracuda---restricted-horizontal-large-gallery3 June 2019

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

This meeting will be principally devoted on gather comments on the first draft of the MYPoW 2020-2023. The first draft was prepared by the CFS Secretariat based on the inputs received during the meeting of 17 April and subsequent written comments submitted at the end of April.

Background document:


Lago Atitlán Panajachel (26).JPG14 May 2019

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

During the last OEWG meeting of 17 of April, it was agreed to postpone the discussion on the MYPoW 2020-2023 to the Advisory Group and Bureau meeting of 3 June. The timetable for this process also foresees that the CFS Bureau will be taking a decision on the draft MYPoW already in its meeting of 7 June. Read here CSM comments on MYPoW delivered during the last AG and Bureau Meeting.



29 April 2019

Written Inputs on the zero draft of the MYPoW

CSM written inputs to the zero draft



25 September 2017, Rome, Italy - Miriam Nobre – World March of Women. Forum on Women’s Empowerment in the Context of Food Security and Nutrition, FAO Headquarters, (Red Room).

17 April 2019

Second CFS Open Meeting on MYPoW

 The purpose of this second open meeting is to discuss the MYPoW “Zero Draft” and seek feedback from CFS stakeholders. In the first open meeting, CFS stakeholders listened to and debated the preliminary proposals, paying particular attention to the rationale, objectives and the expected outcomes. Following the first open meeting, the CFS Bureau decided to drop the proposals on (i) “Water Management for FSN”, and (ii) “Urbanization and Rural Transformation”, as they received insufficient support. The Bureau also noted that a number of the elements outlined in the proposal on“Fostering Farmers’ Access to Innovation” are already included in the workstream on “Agroecological Practices and Other Innovations” which will commence following CFS 46. In this second open meeting, participants will have the opportunity to share views and comments on the “Zero Draft”, to give guidance to the Secretariat for developing the next draft, and to inform the Bureau of respective stakeholder positions.


farm-1737182_19204 March 2019

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

Following the discussion with the Advisory Group on March 4th, the CFS Bureau is expected to reach agreement on a list of prioritized thematic workstreams and supportive activities to inform the next phase of the MYPoW process. Based on the outcomes of the Bureau meeting, the CFS Chair will present a Zero Draft of the CFS MYPoW for 2020-2023 for discussion at the Second Open Meeting scheduled for 17 April 2019. The first section of the document includes the revised Preliminary Proposals which incorporate the written feedback provided by CFS stakeholders. The second section includes the list of supportive activities that could be carried over the current biennium. This is intended to stimulate a discussion on the prioritization among these activities and to provide the opportunity to Bureau and Advisory Group members to suggest additional ones.


 CFS 44 Plenary Session 25 January 2019

First CFS Open Meeting on MYPoW

The purpose of the MYPoW First Open Meeting is to have an initial discussion on the Preliminary Proposals concerning CFS thematic workstreams that were submitted by CFS stakeholders for their possible inclusion in the MYPoW 2020-2023.

Preliminary Proposals Submitted:


food-2343893_1920December 2018 – Deadline for submissions 4 January 2019

Preparation process to submit MYPoW preliminary proposals for CFS members and participants

Background Documents:

CSM Plenary Statement on MYPoW 2020-2023  | 18 October 2018 during CFS 45th Plenary Session 

Ahmed Mansour – Habitat International Coalition, HIC (Egypt)

The CFS implementation plan has agreed that “all activities in the MYPoW are designed, planned and implemented to promote: resilience of livelihoods; attention to the people most affected by food insecurity and malnutrition; a multi-sectoral inclusive and participatory approach; evidence-based decision-making; environmental, economic and social sustainability; gender equality, women’s and girls’ rights and women’s empowerment in the context of food security and nutrition.” Continue reading!  Watch the video

Critical and Emerging Issues in Food Security and Nutrition – Towards a Strategic MYPoW 2020 ‐2023

24 September 2018

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting

Background document for this agenda item:

29 August 2018

Deadline to submit written comments to the proposal submitted by the CFS Secretariat on 23rd July 2018

23 July 2018

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting

Background document for this agenda item:

The upcoming MYPoW process and structure are currently being discussed within the framework of the CFS response to its Evaluation and will be endorsed by the CFS 45th Plenary Session in October 2018

CFS 44 Plenary Session Outcomes – 13 October 2017

Intervention of Thierry Kesteloot, Oxfam Solidarité, Belgium on behalf of the CSM MYPoW Working Group 

We welcome the decision to request an HLPE report on Agroecological approaches and other innovations for sustainable agriculture and food systems that enhance food security and nutrition. Agroecology comes with a holistic social, economic, and political dimension that respects the natural balance and guarantees the food sovereignty of the peoples, while allowing the recreation of biodiversity of native seeds, animal and plant species, soil microorganisms and pollinators, in a coevolution with the people in a dynamic management of territories. The agro-ecological transition provides an essential solution in achieving the strategy of the Decade of Nutrition and the Sustainable Development Agenda, in relation to food security, nutrition, sustainable food systems, water management, responsible consumption and production, climate change, sustainability of the oceans, and terrestrial ecosystems, to mention but a few.

The elaboration process of the MYPOW 2018/19 was not easy. We would like to underline the following elements in order to strengthen the MYPOW process. Keep Reading…

  • Watch CSM intervention on video:

CFS Plenary Session –  9/13 October 2017

19 July 2017

CFS Meeting of the OEWG on MYPoW

The meeting aims at finalising the MYPoW Chair’s Proposal for the next biennium 2018-2019 and related decision box.

 19 June 2017

CFS Meeting of the OEWG on MYPoW

The OEWG will discuss the revised Chair proposal with the rationale, objectives, expected outcomes and process of the different workstreams currently on the table, including the revised proposal for the HLPE 2019 theme and scope. The second document that the OEWG will address presents the CFS 44 Draft Decision concerning the MYPoW that, following the MYPoW meeting, will be presented at the Bureau and Advisory Group meeting in July. It is also submitted to the OEWG the budget estimate for the next biennium.

Background documents: 

5 June 2017

Friends of the Chair Meeting on the HLPE theme for 2019

Letter from the Chair of the MYPoW OEWG

Dear OEWG members,

First, I would like to thank  you for the useful inputs and suggestions provided concerning the scope and content of the HLPE 2019 report. They can be found on the MYPoW-dedicated page on the CFS Working Space.

The attached revised proposal is intended to incorporate them, in line with the progress made at the informal discussion we had on 18 May. As already communicated, another informal discussion will take place on Monday 5 June from 12.30 to 13.30 in the Red Room  to discuss the revised proposal and, ideally, finalise it. This will be then included in the background document that will be presented for discussion at the MYPoW OEWG meeting on 19 June. With regards to the content of the revised proposal, I would like to flag the following elements.

The rationale intends to reflect the need expressed in several contributions to focus our attention on the potential impact of agroecological and other innovative approaches to sustainable food systems that contribute to food security and nutrition. In the first section of the proposal, a reference to the increasing pressure on resources and its impact on hunger, poverty and malnutrition is included.

In the following section the centrality of agroecology is maintained but with the clear recognition that there is no single approach to achieve sustainable food systems. For this reason, CFS needs to be informed about the different options available for diverse circumstances and on possible synergies among different approaches.

The inputs submitted by the OEWG were also very useful to define the main elements to be addressed in the report:

In line with the request made by various members to consider the content of the second HLPE note on Critical and Emerging Issues for FSN, the proposal makes reference to the need to analyze the impact of these approaches in terms of resource efficiency, resilience, social equity and responsibility and the types of markets and regulations that are required for their development. All these aspects are present both in topics 2.5 on agroecology and 2.8 on technologies and knowledge. The attached proposal also requests to address the controversies and uncertainties in science and practices which is an element already included in topic 2.5 on agroecology.

The requests to analyze the potential of these approaches to deliver at scale and their impact to global food security and nutrition and to provide examples of context-specific solutions and possible barriers for their adoption were also accommodated in the section defining the area of focus.

Concerning the title, in order to better align it to the content of the proposal, rather than technologies, innovations might better represent the suggested scope of the report. Technologies would definitively be part of the wider perspective represented by the reference to innovations. In case there is a strong case in support to keep innovative technologies in the title, I feel we need to receive concrete suggestions on the specific aspects to be addressed in the report, in line with the main area of focus. In addition, the slightly revised suggested title reflects the centrality of food security and nutrition as the main objective of the Committee.

Together with the CFS Secretariat, we have done our best to accommodate your inputs. I sincerely hope that this proposal is in line with your expectations and that this could be finalized at our informal discussion on 5 June.

Best regards,

Dr Md Mafizur Rahman


24 May 2017

Friends of the Chair Meeting on the HLPE theme for 2019

18 May 2017

Friends of the Chair Meeting on the HLPE theme for 2019 (as no consensus was reached on the proposed and first ranked topic submitted by the CSM and supported by the majority of CFS members “Agroecology for Food Security and Nutrition due to the strong opposition of Canada and the USA that defined the theme as a “red line”)

2 May 2017 


The first two agenda items refer to the preparation of the CFS programme of work for the biennium 2018-2019. At the meeting, consensus is expected to be reached on the activities for the next MYPoW, including rationale, objectives, expected outcomes and process of each workstream. OEWG members are once again strongly encouraged to consult informally in advance of the meeting among interested stakeholders to clarify the objectives and outcomes of preferred proposals.

The third item is about the proposal to implement a longer-term MYPoW. Following the initial discussions held at the February OEWG meeting and the recommendations of the CFS evaluation, OEWG members will be invited to further analyze this matter. The MYPoW OEWG is expected to submit a response on this to CFS 44 next October.

At the end of the meeting, the MYPoW OEWG Chair will provide an overview of the conclusions and decisions taken and present the following steps of the MYPoW process.

Background documents:

29 March 2017

MYPoW – Chair’s Proposal

6 February 2017

CFS OEWG Meeting

The first background document is intended to guide the discussion on the preparation of the CFS MYPoW for the biennium 2018-2019. It presents the suggested themes and activities together with the results of the ranking exercise and an analysis of current activities and budgetary implications to be considered in the development of the next programme of work. The second document draws on the outcomes of the work of the SDGs OEWG which were presented at CFS 43, and in particular on the suggestion to consider the development of a longer-term MYPoW. The document is intended to present a number of initial considerations and potential implications of this option.

December 2016

9 November – 12 December 2016

CFS Ranking Exercise

7 November 2016

CSM Proposals for the 2018-2019 CFS MYPoW 

Process 2015-2016

October 2016

Outcomes of the 3rd OEWG Meeting – 12 September

3rd OEWG Meeting – 12 September

CFS Bureau and Advisory Group Meeting – 8 July 2016

CSM Written Submission on the Chair Proposal – 1 July 2016

2nd OEWG Meeting – 20 June 2016

OEWG Outcomes

CSM Proposals for the HLPE Reports of the biennium 2018-2019 – 15 April 2016

1st OEWG Meeting – 18 March 2016

CFS Documents

 Timeline of the Process:

  • 1st OEWG Meeting – 18 March 2016
  • Submission of proposals on HLPE Reports for biennium 2018-2019 – 15 April
  • 2nd OEWG Meeting – 20 June 2016

Process 2016-2017

  • 07/11/2016

    Deadline for submission of MYPoW Proposals

    Deadline for submission of MYPoW Proposals 2018-2019

  • 09/11/2016

    CFS Ranking Exercise

    The results of this exercise will be used to facilitate the work of the OEWG by providing initial indications about general preferences. A Chair’s proposal will not be prepared until after a discussion with the OEWG.

  • 06/02/2017

    OEWG on MYPoW

    MYPoW OEWG meeting to have a collective reflection about the results of the ranking exercise and an initial discussion on the substance of the proposed activities for 2018-2019 (including CFS workstreams and the 2019 HLPE report). The purpose would be to set the stage for the finalization of the MYPoW, bearing in mind CFS workload and budget.

  • 15/03/2017

    Chair's Proposal

    Chair’s proposal presenting possible options for the CFS MYPoW 2018-2019, taking into account the outcomes of the previous OEWG meeting

  • 02/05/2017

    OEWG on MYPoW

    MYPoW OEWG meeting to reach consensus on the list of activities, based on resourcing requirements, to be included in MYPoW

  • 01/06/2017

    OEWG on MYPoW

    MYPoW OEWG meeting to provide last comments on selected activities and technical matters to be addressed

  • 09/10/2017

    CFS 44 Plenary Session

    Adoption of the MYPoW


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