CSM Working Group on Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition


Rodolfo Gonzalez Greco – CLOC/LVC (Argentina)

Editrudith Lukanga – WFF (Tanzania)

Jamal Al Talab – Land Research Center (Palestine)


Kirtana Chandrasekaran – Friends of the Earth (UK)

Isaac Rojas – Friends of the Earth (Costa Rica)

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CFS Rapporteur: 

François Pythoud – Ambassador of Switzerland


CFS Policy Recommendation:

Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition


Extract from the MYPoW 2016-2017 on Sustainable forestry for food security and nutrition – 2017

46. CFS 41, in October 2014, requested the HLPE, to undertake a study on “Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition” to be presented to the Plenary in 2017. This HLPE report will aim at an evidence-based, comprehensive analysis of the relations between forestry and food security and nutrition. It will describe the various contributions of forests and forestry, including plantations and agroforestry, to improved food security and better nutrition, given the specificities of the timescales of forestry-related activities. The analysis will review challenges and opportunities relevant to forests’ and forestry’s contribution to food security and nutrition of people living in the forests, at the forests’ margins, and outside forests, from local to global levels. To do so, the report will address relevant issues of land-use and relations between forests and agriculture. It will consider threats to and opportunities for the social, economic and environmental functions of forests and forestry, including biodiversity, the role of forests in the climate system and the impacts of climate change. The report will look at instruments, institutions, and governance, with a view to recommending appropriate actions by policy makers and stakeholders.

HLPE Report on Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition

CIVIL SOCIETY MECHANISM’S VISION on Sustainable Forestry (August 2018)

The policy convergence process of the Committee on World Food Security in “Sustainable Forestry for food security and nutrition”, developed by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE), allows social movements and organisations at the Civil Society Mechanism(CSM) to offer our vision on this subject.

There are many forest-dependent communities worldwide, accounting for over 1.6 trillion people. These communities have been engaging in community forest management, thus enabling them to reach food sovereignty and forest conservation on a global scale, given that they maintain their own socio-political, cultural, spiritual, economic and environmental relationship with forests (hereinafter referred to as community forest management). When we talk of communities, we are referring to Indigenous Peoples, peasants and small-scale food producers, fisherfolk, forest workers, landless peoples, and pastoralists. Forest communities have a complex and intricate relationship with their ecosystems / territories. A forest community can fish, sow seed, and rear animals at different times of the year and in response to different needs. It has been widely acknowledged that these communities of small-scale food producers not only feed themselves, but also most other people living especially in rural areas, thanks to their ancestral production systems, many of which are now referred to as agroecology.

We believe that these communities, as well as their practices, must be central to this discussion process that will conclude in policy recommendations. They should equally be central to the implementation of policies. We will refer to these communities as ‘forest communities’ in this document and throughout the discussions to come. Keep Reading



Process 2017 – 2018


CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting – 3 May 2018

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting – 31 January 2018


Process 2016-2017


CFS 44 Plenary Session Outcomes – 13 October 2017

Intervention of Editrudith Lukanga – WFF, Tanzania on behalf of the CSM Working Group on Forestry

The CSM is fully committed to the CFS especially in the spirit of its reform to advance the progressive realization of the right to food and to create spaces for policy convergence and debate, with particular attention paid to the roles of small scale food producers. It is in this sprit that we engaged with the negotiations on Recommendations for Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition.

Forests are vital to our constituencies that include indigenous peoples, small scale farmers, pastoralists, fisherfolks, rural women and workers. Our hope was to achieve recommendations focused on strengthening the rights, autonomy, capacities and protections for these constituencies. But the document falls short of our expectations. Here is our assessment followed by a concrete proposal. Keep Reading…

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October 2017

CSM Positions on CFS Policy Convergence Process on Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition 



25 September


19 September


19 September 

CFS informal consultation on the policy convergence process


15 September 

  • CSM written Comments to the HLPE Recommendations
  • To read the comments submitted by other CFS participants and by CFS Members click here


20 July 


12 July 

First CFS informal exchange meeting on the policy convergence process 

The meeting will  discuss what is expected to achieve out of this process, the nature of the outcomes to be presented at CFS 44 next October, the different steps of the preparation process and the elements of the plenary discussion. A process and calendar proposal is submitted by the Rapporteur for discussion.

27 June

Look CSM Working Group intervention during the launch of the Report!


6 February 

CFS Advisory Group and Bureau Meeting

Draft Calendar of the Process

27 JuneLaunch of the HLPE Report on Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition
12 JulyFirst CFS informal exchange of the policy convergence Process
16th and 17th JulyFirst Meeting of CSM WG Coordinators and facilitators
4th  or 5th  AugustDraft 1 of documents send to Working group for broad consultation
28th AugustDEADLINE for comments from WG
31st AugustDraft 2 of ‘Vision’ and ‘Commentary’
1st SeptemberHLPE Report available in all languages
5th SeptemberCSM preliminary vision and comments circulated to CSM WG
15th SeptemberDEADLINE for Comments to the HLPE recommendations
18th September PMCSM WG prep meeting
19th September AMCFS policy roundtable exchange of views
19th September PMCSM open information sharing meeting for Governments, institutions
25th SeptemberRapporteurs proposal ENG
27th or 29th SeptemberRapporteur proposal SP, FR
28th SeptemberWG SKYPE CALL
2nd OctoberDEADLINE for written comments to rapporteur proposal
3rd and 4th OctoberCSM prep meetings ROME
5th and 6th OctoberOfficial negotiations ROME
9th and 10th OctoberEvening Negotiations TBC
11th OctoberCFS plenary on Forests and FSN

Process 2016

18 July 2016

CSM Comments on the HLPE Zero Draft Report on Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition

31 May 2016

HLPE Zero Draft ” Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition” 31 May 2016


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