CSM 10th Anniversary celebrations and Policy Briefing on 12 October 2020

CSM Policy Briefing 12 October 2020 (13.00h – 13.40h CET) Download the agenda! The Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSM) for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) will be hosting a virtual policy briefing to launch the Global Synthesis Report “Voices from the ground: from COVID-19 to radical transformation of our food systems”. The policy briefing will also serve to present the call to action on the Food Systems Summit. Register HERE to join the the virtual event  Interpretation will be provided in English, Spanish and French  CSM 10th Anniversary celebrations 12 October 2020 (2.00 pm – 5.00 pm CET) Download the agenda! This year CSM will celebrate and commemorate its 10th Anniversary. 10 years of struggles, peoples’ voices, faces and hands bringing to Rome their homes, ecosystems and demands. Ten years of alternative and grassroots collective narratives and practices as well as wonderful achievements that have empowered people’s struggle for the right to food around the planet. Today the struggle continues and gets even harder and sometimes more polarized. CSM has grown and has self-equipped itself to face the current challenges with an incredible wealth of knowledge and heritage of capacities and legitimacy. To honor and commemorate this journey the CSM has decided to launch an autonomous virtual public event prior to the official opening of the CFS virtual events of October to honor these ten years and linking them to the challenges of the present and  future, invoking the spirit of the CFS reform: “Nothing about us, Without us!”. The event will take place virtually on Monday 12 of October 2020 from 2.00 to 5.00 pm Rome time. This date also coincides with the Indigenous Resistance day and will be a platform to launch our key policy messages to CFS. Register here to join!

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CSM Forum 2019 Opening Public Panel

The Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSM) for relations with the UN Committee on World Food Security (CFS) has the pleasure to invite you to the Opening Panel of the CSM Forum Saturday 12 October 2019 09:30 – 11:00 h Green Room, FAO HQs – Rome Download the flyer! ——————————— The theme of the public debate is: 10 Years after the CFS Reform What Role for the CFS in the Future Architecture of Global Food Governance? Keynote by Dr. Qu Dongyu Director General of FAO Panelists: Mario Arvelo, CFS Chair Nettie Wiebe, CSM Coordination Committee  Azra Sayeed, CSM Coordination Committe Mosa F. Sowe, CSM Coordination Committee Silvia Dywili, CSM Coordination Committte   —————————— Interpretation in EN/ES/FR will be available The event is open to all members, participants and observers to CFS

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CSM Forum 2019

CSM FORUM 12 – 13 October 2019 Green Room, FAO HQs,  Rome Draft Agenda CSM Forum Background Documents:   Logistic Note CSM Key Messages to CFS 46 Draft CC Report 2019 HLPE Report on Agroecology and other innovations Paper on Agroecology and Feminism by CSM Women’s Working Group Zero Draft of CFS Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition CSM Working Group on Nutrition and Food Systems Vision Timetable of CSM/CFS activities during 14-18 October 2019 Flyer of CSM Social evening on 12th October 2019 DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATIONS HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 9 OCTOBER 2019! CSM Forum 2019 The CSM Forum will take place on 12 and 13 of October 2019 in the Green Room, at FAO HQs in Rome. In order to enter FAO premises and attend the CSM Forum you will need, as in previous years, to make a two steps registration process. Both steps are mandatory, even if you are considering only attending  the CSM Forum. Please follow the steps described below and register yourself before 20 September 2019: STEP 1 At this link you will find a Google Form to register to the CSM Forum. By filling the form, you will help us ensuring that our Forum’s organization runs smoothly and effectively. So, thanks in advance from the CSM Secretariat’s side for supporting this effort!  Register to the Google Form. After having done this first step you will receive a confirmation email from our side that your registration was completed successfully. All information collected will only be used for registration purposes and anonymous data collection.  Please proceed to register to CFS 46th Plenary Session (Second step). You will need to register to the Plenary Session also if you are only planning to attend the CSM Forum as this is a mandatory requirement to issue your building pass to attend the CSM Forum in FAO headquarters. STEP 2 To register to the CFS 46th Plenary Session (14-18 of October) please link here and follow all the instructions. You will receive an email from CFS approving your application during the month of September.  More information on the CSM Forum, such as the Agenda and the logistic details will be available from September 2019 at this page! Background documents will be available from September here!  DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION TO THE CSM FORUM AND CFS 46 IS 20 SEPTEMBER 2019

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A Mechanism of Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7PmlaqObL4&feature=youtu.be The MSC officially adopted the name of the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples Mechanism for relations with the Committee on World Food Security. Participants representing indigenous peoples in the Civil Society Forum (13-14, October) and the sessions of the Committee on Food Security (15-19) speak in this video of the process and express their joy for the incorporation of “Indigenous Peoples” “In the name of the mechanism.

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CSM Holds Annual Forum

(Only available in French) Le Mécanisme de la Société Civile (MSC) pour les relations avec le Comité des Nations Unies sur la Sécurité Alimentaire Mondiale, qui vient de changer son nom pour devenir le Mécanisme de la Société Civile et des Peuples Autochtones _après un travail de réflexion intérieure essentiel pour l’affirmation de son identité populaire _ organise son forum annuel les 13 et 14 octobre 2018 au siège de la FAO à Rome, dans un contexte marqué par l’aggravation de la faim et de la malnutrition dans le monde, et par la nécessité d’un réengagement du Comité pour la Sécurité Alimentaire. Un contexte qui s’est manifesté dans les déclarations des organisations et mouvements constituant la société civile internationale durant le forum. Un contexte mondial de faim et de malnutrition chroniques Le forum vient aussi dans une foulée d’événements étroitement liés à l’activité du MSC: Journée Internationale de l’Alimentation le 16 octobre, 45ème session plenière du Comité pour la Sécurité Alimentaire du 15 au 19 octobre, le vote imminent à l’Assemblée Générale de Nations Unies sur la déclaration des droits paysans en novembre, la présentation du rapport sur le droit à l’alimentation par le MSC le 12 octobre etc… En effet, Le MSC a organisé le 12 octobre 2018à Rome, une conférence de presse pour présenter son rapport sur le droit à l’alimentation dans le monde. Le rapport fait état d’une situation désastreuse où la faim et la malnutrition touchent près de 821 millions de personnes dans le monde. Ramona Duminicioiu, membre de La Via Campesina et du comité de coordination du MSC a déclaré lors de la conférence de presse : “Il est impossible d’atteindre l’objectif Faim Zéro sans un changement radical et un engagement totalement renouvelé de la part des gouvernements vis à vis des des politiques qui promeuvent et protègent nos droits, le droit à la nourriture, les droits des femmes, les droits des paysans, les droits des peuples autochtones, les droits des travailleurs, et tous les droits humains des populations les plus vulnérables ou atteintes d’insécurité alimentaire et de malnutrition”. Les messages clés des différentes parties : La Forum du MSC est ouvert le 13 octobre par un débat public, avec la participation du Directeur Généralde l’Organisation des Nations unies pour l’alimentation et l’agriculture (FAO), du Président du Comité sur la Sécurité Alimentaire mondiale (CSA), et le représentant permanent du Fonds international de développement agricole (FIDA)

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“We have to recommit and go into the direction of Agroecology”, Elene Shatberashvili

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffcUSzBREyk&feature=youtu.be In this video, Elene Shatberashvili, from Biological Farmer Association Elkana and La Via Campesina, Georgia, talks about the need to restructure foods systems, not only in its productive dimension, but in its broader sense. Agroecology, she says, is an alternative solution which can address the issue of hunger and malnutrition.

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