CSM Update | November, December and January 2021

In this issue: CFS Updates Updates on a possible CFS policy response to COVID-19 Updates from the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting of 23 November 2020 Updates from CFS’s Policy negotiations on the Guidelines on Food Systems & Nutrition Updates from the OEWG meetings on Gender equality and Women’s Empowerment Upcoming CFS 47th Plenary Session on 8-11 February 2021 and registration details HLPE e-consultation on the zero draft of the Youth Report Updates on Agroecological and other innovative approaches policy process Updates on the Food Systems Summit and CFS engagement CSM Internal Updates CSM Information session on 2 February 2021 CSM Policy Briefing on 4 February 2021 Updates on a possible CFS policy response to COVID-19 Despite some strong voices calling for a prominent CFS role in the global response to COVID-19, during CFS High-level events in October, the Bureau decided in its meeting of 27 November to not foresee any policy response process to this crisis. The urgency and people’s current reality seems to have been left out the Committee and ignored. This frustrating lack of relation to the reality of the ground is reflected in the current timetable of the upcoming CFS 47th Plenary Session where no specific policy debate and possible subsequent policy decision is foreseen nor explicitly mentioned. Bureau members rather decided to mainstream COVID-19 throughout CFS work streams and agenda of the plenary, stating that many of the policy dialogues foreseen in the CFS 47th session would be likely to entail references to COVID-19. To learn more, visit this dedicated web page where CSM gathers all publications, statements, contributions and material related to the urgent need of a CFS global policy response to COVID-19. Updates from the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting of 23 November 2020 The CFS Advisory and Bureau meeting addressed the preparations of the upcoming CFS 47th Plenary Session and included an exchange with the HLPE Steering Committee on COVID-19 and the Food Systems Summit. The CFS Chair’s summary of the October high-level events will also be included as part of the background documents informing CFS 47th Plenary Session. Please find here CSM contributions and related CFS Bureau outcomes. Updates from the CFS Policy negotiations on the Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition On Friday 18th of December, the second official week of CFS policy negotiations ended. This second week was expected to finalize the Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition, scheduled to be endorsed at CFS

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Special CSM Update | October

📢 Open Call for Engagement to Respond to the UN Food Systems Summit The call is promoted by the Peoples and organizations participating in the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism for relations with the CFS. Dear all, Organizations of those most affected by hunger, malnutrition and ecological destruction are launching this invitation to join forces to challenge the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit (FSS) which is expected to take place in September 2021. At the current juncture, the need to radically transform unhealthy, unjust and unsustainable food systems towards food systems based on human rights and shaped around food sovereignty and agroecology is more urgent than ever. We believe that the Summit is going into a problematic direction, and have therefore expressed our concerns in a collective letter co-signed by nearly 550 organizations to the UN Secretary General in March 2020, which still remains unanswered. The way in which the preparations for the Summit have evolved over recent months further increases our concerns, as it does not correspond to a rights-based, legitimate and inclusive multilateral policy process. The undue corporate influence on the Food Systems Summit and the lack of transparency and clarity of its preparation process has raised profound concerns in the participating organizations of the Civil Society and Indigenous Peoples’ Mechanism (CSM) for relations with the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). They have therefore decided to launch a call for engagement to a process of building joint strategies around essential issues for the life and wellbeing of our peoples and communities: food, health, nature, peoples’ sovereignty, and economic, social, gender and climate justice. This call invites other movements, networks and organizations, either directly concerned with food and its many dimensions or engaged in interrelated domains of our lives, to join forces in a collective process to challenge the FSS. We believe it is important to organize ourselves based on our own principles of autonomy and self-organizations, independently from the Summit and create our own space of convergence to deepen our analyses, articulate our proposals and mobilize for our solutions. There is no predetermined format for potential action yet. If your network/organization is willing to join this collective convergence and movement-building process, please express your interest here. Should you like any additional information to consider your participation, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address: call4actionfss@gmail.com. While this call will remain open over time so that others may decide to join us

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CSM Updates 2020

CSM Updates 2020 CSM Update | November, December and January 2021       Special CSM Update October 2020         CSM Update September and October 2020     CSM Update May, June and July 2020       CSM Update March and April 2020         CSM Update January and February 2020       CSM Update October and November 2019           CSM Update July//August 2019 CSM Update July//August 2019 Registration to the CSM Forum and CFS 46th Plenary Session is now open! Deadline for registration is 20 September 2019.   Updates on CFS processes: Update on the joint meeting of CFS Advisory Group and Bureau. This includes: Update on MYPoW Update on the processes on Food Systems and Nutrition, and Agroecology and other innovations Update on CFS 46thPlenary Session Update on the event on Sustainable Forestry Update on CFS Advisory Group renewal CSM Side Events to CFS 46 Updates on CSM internal processes: Update on CSM Financial situation   —————————————————————————————————————————————————– CSM Update May//June 2019 CSM Update May//June 2019   Updates on CFS Processes Updates on the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meetings of 14 May and 3 June, with related CFS Bureau Outcomes including on MYPOW and the CFS 46 Plenary session agenda and timetable Updates on the upcoming process on Agroecology and other innovations Updates on the last OEWG on Food Systems and Nutrition of 30 May 2019 Updates on the upcoming CFS Regional Consultations on Food Systems and Nutrition Updates on the upcoming CFS meetings and processes of July Updates on CSM internal issues Report from the CC meeting of 7-9 May 2019 Update on the CC renewal process Updates on October Activities towards the CSM Forum and CFS Plenary Session Updates on CSM Side Events during CFS 46 Plenary Session —————————————————————————————————————————————————– CSM Update March//April 2019 CSM Update March and April 2019   Updates on CFS Processes Updates on the CFS Advisory Group and Bureau meeting of 4 March Updates from the first OEWG meeting on Food Systems and Nutrition and CSM Public Briefing 7-8 March Updates on Multi-stakeholder Partnerhips Updates on the HLPE Agroecology and other innovations Updates on the CFS Second open meeting on MYPoW, 17 of April A new  CFS Secretary has been appointed Updates on CSM Internal processes CSM Annual Report Upcoming CC meeting in May New Focal point for the Southern Africa sub-region   —————————————————————————————————————————————————– CSM Update January//February 2019 CSM

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