In January 2022 the CFS released the English version of the zero draft of the CFS Policy Recommendations on Youth engagements and employment in agriculture and food systems. This zero draft has been built on the outcomes of the CFS Open-Ended Working Groups meetings that took place on November 19 and December 10 2021 and on the written submissions received on November 22 2021.

CFS members and participants are expected to submit written comments on this zero draft by the 18 of March. 

Since February 10 other language versions are able, read them here AR | EN | ES | FR | RU | ZH

Background on the process so far

5 October 2021

The CSM Youth Working Group sent a letter to the newly appointed Rapporteur of the process, Ambassador Pio Wennubst (Switzerland) to share its expectations and demands towards the CFS youth policy process. Read the letter here

CFS Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) on 19 November 2021

This first meeting intended to offer CFS members and participants an overview of the process, and a space of policy dialogue and exchange on the inputs, priority issues and policy relevant areas to be included in the zero draft of the policy recommendations. Additionally the meeting intended to address how to better engage youth constituencies in the CFS policy convergence process. CSM key points are summarized in the written inputs you find below! You can find the Rapporteur’s summary of the meeting here

CFS Call for written submissions on 22 November 2021. 

All CFS members and participants were requested to reply two main guiding questions:

  1. Which priority issues and policy-relevant areas should be addressed through this CFS Policy convergence process and included in the policy recommendations?
  2. Do you have any suggestions for CFS meaningfully engaging youth constituencies in the policy convergence process? 

Please find here CSM Contributions!

Other contributions received by CFS: Angola, Argentina (ES), Brazil, China, Germany, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland (Question 1 | Question 2), United States, ADACO (FR), CSM, IFAD, FAO, Special Rapporteur on the right to food, WFO, WHO, Youth Alliance for Zero Hunger

CFS Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) on 10 December 2021

The objective of this CFS thematic discussion is to foster a shared understanding among CFS members and participants of key concepts and themes related to the topic of youth engagement, employment in agriculture and food systems. 

This first dialogue focused on ways to understand and define “youth” and the central role of human rights in fostering an enabling environment for youth in the context of agriculture and food systems. 


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