The Guide to Facilitation was launched by the Facilitation Working Group in May 2021. It aims to help support facilitation practices in the CSM and increase awareness of the CSM’s distinctive facilitation approach.

Available in English, Spanish and French, the Guide to Facilitation is designed to be a resource that facilitators and participants in the CSM – no matter how familiar they are with the CSM context – can continually reference in support of their work.

The CSM Facilitation Working Group was mandated, as part of the response to the CSM Evaluation of 2018, to draft a common understanding of Facilitation, in principle and practice, which was endorsed in 2019.

Download the Guide to Facilitation

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Its three key sections address:

  • the key principles that underpin the CSM’s facilitation approach;
  • the context for the CSM’s facilitation effort: the United Nations Committee on World Food Security;
  • an overview of how facilitation is achieved in practice in the CSM.

The Guide also contains a ‘Spotlight on Youth’, a special section that introduces the CSM’s Youth Constituency and Working Group, its history, and recent activities.

Members of the Facilitation Working Group are available to give presentations or host workshops on this new Guide to Facilitation. If you are interested in receiving something like this, for more information about the Guide to Facilitation, or to get involved in the work of the Facilitation Working Group, please email:


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